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sorry guys but all my trys to direct to Bernie Clarke bounce back.  
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You should have at least gotten me on the wrong two.  Let me elaborate.  
Big Walter Horton is the guy who's playing I like best of everyone 
period.  I only mean to say that if some of his playing was weaker than 
usual it would be his amplified playing.  I think that LW was a much 
better amplified player than BWH.  Still all in all I much prefer BWH to 
LW because of BWH's lyrical sense and monster tone.  There seems to be 
this feeling amongst the blues harp crowd that you can never be critical 
of LW's or BWH's playing.  That if you are you're somehow missing the 
point of it all.  Well I like them both but they have both been recored 
on less than perfect days.  After all they were human beings not gods.  FJM

On Wed, 18 Jan 1995 clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> >What's funny about that is that if Big Walter did have a weakness in his 
> >playing it was his amplified playing not his acoustic playing.  OK you 
> >can rip me to shreds now that's to idols I've dissed in the last 2 days 
> >now.  FJM Iconoclast at large
> >
> I won't rip you to shreds.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion
> even if it is wrong!    ;-)
> Bernie Clarke
> "Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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