Re: Little Walter

In the past few months there has been some discussions about the completeness
of the Charly box sets.  According to some on blues-l,  there are some tunes
on the LW box that are in the Chess vaults that didn't make it in the Charly
box,  e.g. a version of Driftin' Blues is rumored to be one such cut.

The Charly box contains most of the easily available stuff + the three LPs 
worth of unissued material available on Le Roi Du Blues.  It is a pretty nice
package.  I picked one up a few months ago.


Joe Lempkowski

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I've also been listening a lot to Little Walter's "Don't Need No
Horse" since I got the "Essential Little Walter" CD set. Another big
fan of the tune is Kim Wilson, who copped the intro to kick off his
harp instrumental "Humpin' To Please" on his new Antone's CD, "That's

A lot of people, including Magic Dick, have also raved to me about the
Little Walter CD collection issued by Charly Records in the UK. It's
a couple of years old now and hard to find, but Little Walter fans
should pick it up if they run across it. It also includes a booklet with
interesting liner notes and some great photographs.

--Kim Field

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