RE: To Tongue-Block or not to tongue-block?

BEERE_MARK@xxxxxxxxxx writes...

>Howdy y'all-

>OK, so I've been playing north of 2 years, and I've never really given tongue-
>blocking much more than a passing try.  I guess cuz when I first started
>learning my book described it as one option to get a single note and thought
>maybe it'd be a better development of technique if I could do it just with
>the appropriate lipgrip (hey, a snigglet!).  Anyway, I'm wondering do almost
>all accomplished players use this technique, or, except for the most dramatic
>and quickest of note changes, tongue blocking is just one way to change a 
>What's the word, team?

Yes, tongue blocking is another way of getting a single note. Some say you can 
get a better tone by tongue blocking (I'll not get into that). There are some 
other definite benefits of tongue blocking which I'll try to point out here.

1. If you ever want to play double stops you'll need to tongue block.
	Double stops = Octaves, Fifths, Sixths - will enhance your playing 
	dynamics if properly (tastefully) used.

2. Another skill which requires tongue blocking is what I call tongue switches.
	The ability to make octave jumps (or any long jumps between notes) with 
	a good legato (smoothly).

3. And one that really impresses me (and I still can't do it well) is to play 
	two harmonizing notes together (5ths or 6ths) and then apply a bend. 
	Gives a great fiddle sound. 

4. Then of course there is the trill (which I can't do at all) by switching 
	your tongue rapidly between adjacent holes. An alternative to head 
	shake or harp shake.

I think anyone should learn both pucker and tongue block style. Here is a tip 
on developing tongue blocking technique for double stops - at least it worked 
for me. I have only been tongue blocking a couple years. I worked on playing 
out of the right side of my mouth until I had it down pretty well, then I 
started playing out of my left side until I could play equally well either way.  
Now my jumps, double stops etc. are more accurate.

       Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --Internet--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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