New Butterfield Recording

I spoke at length with Mark Naftalin tonite about the new Butterfield
recordings.  Mark has some 15+ hours of LIVE recordings of the first band
(Bloomfield, Bishop, et al) and the first large band (Pigboy Crabshaw).  The
first release he will issue, in early May, will include 9 cuts, half never heard
before on record but staples of the live shows the band but on at that time.
There are a couple of instrumentals, including what he describes as some
incredible harp work;  in fact, Mark says that these recordings will feature
Butter foremost;  Bloomfield fans will not find these recordings an homage to
his abilities.  Mark says he also has versions of East-West and the Work Song
ranging from 12 to 50 minutes in length that may be released in the future.  He
is also working in tandem with Elektra who is compiling their own Butter box set
which will include many unreleased items.
This release will be a rare opportunity--for some unknown reason Elektra failed
to record these versions of Butter live--note the Pigboy band included Dave
Sanborn and Philip Wilson, two well known jazz players.  I will continue to post
data on these recordings and will be speaking to Mark again in a few weeks and
hopefully to Elvin Bishop.
Winslow:  Mark will be calling you soon to discuss the Internet--gave him your
name tonite as an expert on Harp/Blues/Music on the NET.  Hope I did good!  TE3

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