Re: Charly/Chess (was Little Walter)

The Charly LW box is indeed great.  When comparing it to the MCA LW
disk I have I  can't tell any difference in the sound.  And it beats
the hell out of the MCA stuff in terms of volume of material.  As I
recall it contains almost 100 tracks, virtually everything LW
recorded for Chess, plus a complete discography and interesting
booklet.  I bought my copy at the Jazz Record Mart in Chicago a few
months ago, so you should still be able to find it.   I would also
highly recommend the Charly Sonny Boy Williamson II box for the same
reasons.  EW

> From:          haandruss@xxxxxxx (Harvey Andruss)

> >A lot of people, including Magic Dick, have also raved to me about the
> >Little Walter CD collection issued by Charly Records in the UK. It's
> >a couple of years old now and hard to find, but Little Walter fans
> >should pick it up if they run across it. It also includes a booklet with
> >interesting liner notes and some great photographs.
> I vaguely recall a post on this a year ago (Terrasi?) indicating some
> errors in the liner notes, but something uniquely interesting about a LW
> reconcilliation with Louis Myers. Also, apparently the sound isn't quite as
> good as on the Chess because of them holding the orignal masters (? ), but
> there are cuts on the Charly that are unavailable anywhere else (? - I do
> not own either currently).  Finally, MCA is in the process of pursuing its
> exclusive rights to these releases, apparently in the courts of France and
> UK (refer to p 37 of AHN 1/95). Perhaps a sense of urgency to collectors or
> a reason to bypass it?
Eliot Williams
University of Wisconsin Medical School

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