Re: Phil Wiggins

Great, you all got me this time. Glad I did not read carefully the harp polls
(just the top vote getters) because now more folks are aware of Phil's
ability. I too have seen Phil play through an amp-mine:-) He rarely plays
through an amp and I have personally never seen him play through an amp in a
public concert or recording with John Cephas except for a jam or workshop amd
on someone else's amp. If he has recorded with an amp somebody let me know. I
don't believe he even owns an amp.

The whole point is his excellent tone. Put that through an amp and it should
and does sound great. IMHO his off mike hand effects and tricks with the harp
are just excellent-some of the best in the business. Phil is also a heckuva
nice guy. He used to wait for Big Walter to come in town to play the Cellar
Door or some other small DC club-I forget- and just hang out to get some tips
from and sitting in with Big Walter. Some pretty crazy times and stories about
Walter but that's better told by Phil. Thanks for keeping me honest.

cwilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Charlie Williams, Clarksville, MD)
Choo Choo Charlie - Disclaimer "all opinions are my own".

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