tuning up....

I am encountering difficulties when tuning my harps. The problem lies , 
in essence, with me. What happens is no matter how cafefully I breathe to 
sound the note to check it's pitch , the pitch alters by around 1 Hz. 

Does any one have a good method to get nice long clean notes that the 
tuner will be able to deal with ? 

For your info. the tuner is a chromatic with a needle display indicating 
+/- 1/2 tone.

Oh yes. The harps all seem to be tuned to A=443 Hz is this usual for all 
harps ( well mine are hohners and 1 suzuki ) ? Should I tune them down to 
A=440Hz ?

Many thanks in advance,


P.S. Just bought boss blues harmonica by Little Walter - I hope it's a 
good 'un.

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