CONGRATULATIONS go to Buzz Krantz, newly elected President of the Windy City
Harmonica Club!  The WCHC has long been an active club with vision, and has
encouraged the inclusion of the blues harpers to their credit.  Buzz was one
of the first to accept the challenge to participate with the "old school"
chromatic players, and prove that co-existence can, and should, work for the
advancement of our beloved instrument - the harmonica in all its forms.  Buzz
was later joined by Joe Filisko, John Buno and many others to make the WCHC a
viable force in the Greater Chicago area.  They worked together with Al Fiore
(Harmonicats chordist), Leon Cappy LaFell (vocalist & poly master with the
Cappy Bara Ensemble), Tom Troestler, Stagg Mc Mann, Gene Mysliwiec, Ed
Mossner, Bud Boblink, Vic Beltoya, etc, etc.  It's fitting and proper that
Buzz should be so honored.  CONGRATULATIONS, BUZZ!

I read in the paper last week that the courts ruled in favor of MCA totally,
and Charly lost the battle.  I meant to keep the article for details, but
apparently it went to the recycling heap.

Winslow's last few posts alway ended with a Z, and eventually  several Z's -
will someone wake him up, please?  We haven't heard anything from him lately.
 Maybe he's busy putting the HIP #5 to bed - hmmmm?

Got a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with:  does anyone out there
save the daily Digests to floppy?  I always do, but I had a problem
downloading #291 & 292 last week.  The computer locked up and gave me an
error message that required hitting "E" for a clean break, and that's just
what it did - sent me right out of AOL to the DOS prompt (don't have
Windows).  After trying it 4 times each with both Digests, I finally gave up.
 I have not had a problem with any of the Digests since.  But now I am
lacking those two files, and I would really like to have them for my
archives.  If anyone would be willing to upload them to me, or even send them
on floppy by snail mail, I would be most grateful.  Also, I had the same
problem way back with #250, and would appreciate getting that one as well.
 Please let me know if this is possible, at BassHarper@xxxxxxx - thanks.

-  BassHarp (Danny Wilson)

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