Re: re Vibroverb RI Class A ?

Even if the amp isn't biased for class A it will run class A at lower 
volumes.  The reason being that the tube won't get driven into cutoff at 
lower volumes and will pass current for 360 degrees of the cycle. I was 
thinking in pairs of tubes then switched to singles.  Hence the error.  
With a center tap transformer the turns ratio would remain the same.  I 
still think that if you  just pulled the tube it would work at lower 
volumes but better yyet you could change the first preamp tube to a 12at7 
from a 12ax7 and lower the preamp gain ensuring that the remaining output 
wouldn't be driven into cutoff.  Would I do this?  No.  Buy a Princeton 
or Champ is the obvious solution.  BTW There is some Little Walter stuff 
where he sounds awful.  It's on the Chess records release of Super Blues.  
It was recorded just before he died.  Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and LW 
together for the first time.    


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