To Icepick & all:  John "Juke" Logan & The Chill Aces has a CD titled "The
Chill" on Sky Ranch Virgin #878342.  It was made available in the U.S. in
1993 as an import, but is not now readily available.  John tells me that he
is trying to get it re-released here and marketed by the major outlets
(Tower, Wherehouse, etc), but as yet, we are still waiting.  They were in the
stores preceding Christmas 93, but  have not yet been restocked.  I waited
too long, and never did get a copy for myself.  For further info, write
Juke-House Productions, PO Box 4441, North Hollywood, CA 91617, or phone
(818) 980-8788 - fax (818) 994-3734.

Re: Greetings from Belgium - just wanted to pass along Holiday Greetings from
Toots Thielemans.  About his album "East Coast West Coast", he says, "It was
fun doing it with all those hot fellows."  He goes on to say, "We're still
commuting, and playing all over the place."

I'd like to add my welcome to American Airlines Captain Tom Troestler to the
Harp-L - great to see you on board, Tom.

Later - BassHarp  (Danny Wilson)

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