Re: Charly/Chess (was Little Walter)

At 11:11 AM 1/14/95 -0400, GREENWAY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <Kim Field> wrote:

>A lot of people, including Magic Dick, have also raved to me about the
>Little Walter CD collection issued by Charly Records in the UK. It's
>a couple of years old now and hard to find, but Little Walter fans
>should pick it up if they run across it. It also includes a booklet with
>interesting liner notes and some great photographs.

I vaguely recall a post on this a year ago (Terrasi?) indicating some
errors in the liner notes, but something uniquely interesting about a LW
reconcilliation with Louis Myers. Also, apparently the sound isn't quite as
good as on the Chess because of them holding the orignal masters (? ), but
there are cuts on the Charly that are unavailable anywhere else (? - I do
not own either currently).  Finally, MCA is in the process of pursuing its
exclusive rights to these releases, apparently in the courts of France and
UK (refer to p 37 of AHN 1/95). Perhaps a sense of urgency to collectors or
a reason to bypass it?

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