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At  3:04 AM 1/15/95 -0800, Mike Curtis wrote:

>Ever hear Walter with a poor tone?

Well said.  With all the focus on mikes and amps, we tend to forget the
basic techniques.  My attitude changed after I went walkabout for two
years.  Couldn't carry an amp wih me, so I ended up using whatever there
was where I was at that night.  My experience was that if you work at it
hard, you can get just about any combination of mike and amp to sound good.

I'd bet Little Walter could play acoustically and come within a gnats
whisker of his stage sound.  We also forget that a lot of the Little Walter
sound was created by (Leonard?) Chess and other engineers in the studio.

I particlularly like the story of how Juke was recorded with a length of
concrete sewer pipe butted up against his speaker, with the mike at the
other end.  Whether that is true or not, we do know that they used a lot of
weird and undocumented tricks and effects to get that sound.

>Everyone has PERSONAL preferences.  I like my Green Bullet cartridge
>pickup.  But I also use a JT-30.

Exactly right.  I use an SM57.  In the time that mike has been with me
(five years) I have gone through five bullet mikes (one lost, one stolen
and three just plain died).  I eventually found that if I work at it, I can
get my 57 to sound like a bullet.

>-- mike curtis

   -- hugh

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