Re: Crystal Balls (Was: Re: mic&amp)

At  6:08 AM 1/15/95 -0800, Bruce Steinberg wrote:
>And all this time I thought the name "Crystal Ball" (singular, I
>believe, not plural) was simply a cute, creative description of
>the mike's element and basic blunt shape.  Silly me.

I bet you think Jelly Roll Morton was named after a food product :)

I think we'd all have to agree that the entire history of the blues harp
and the music it grew up with is deeply rooted in the libidinous side of
human nature.  Folk can be excused for taking advantage of that every now
and again.

>Let's hope Hohner and Kevin's don't team up and merge their mike
>lines into a single "Blues Ball" product -- I don't think my
>heart could take it.

Good one.


hey, that looks like my mother ...

   -- hugh

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