Class A Vibroverb?

The answer to whether you can operate a double end push pull
class AB amplifier as a single end A class amplifier.  There
would be some problems though.  With just one output tube the
plate voltage would rise.  Since you're outputs are 6l6's I would
guess that the added voltage could be handled by the single tube. 
The other thing that would be a problem is that the impedance of
the output transformer should be twice as high for one tube as it
would be for two tubes.  The tube would be operating into what it
perceived as a short.  Tube life might be shortened. As you
turned the volume up with just the one tube you'd eventually
drive it in to cutoff.  If you found that you liked the way the
amp sounded class A it wouldn't be a bad idea to rebias it for
class A operation.  Voxes are class A and people love the way
they sound.  Sure they make bunches of extra heat and catch on
fire on stage but they sound so good just before they do.  FJM

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