Re: mic&amp

On Fri, 13 Jan 1995, George Boziwick wrote:

> 	I have been playing through a nice 1966 (approximately)
> 	Fender Pro Reverb and using a Hohner Blues Blaster.
> 	I have been thinking about switching to an Astatic JT 30
> 	or the Rod Piazza modified Astatics i see advertised in
> 	Kevin's Harps catalogs.  Any opinions on these microphones
> 	would be welcome.  Thanks for all your great assistance
> 	in the past on other amp issues.

        Hohner Blues Blasters and Astatic JT30s are identical - made at 
the same plant with the same parts. Kevin no longer sells the Piazzas, I 
don't believe - instead, he sells his own similar "Crystal Balls" mod. I 
have one of these. It's a good mic but not worth twice the price of an 
un-modified JT-30. The best thing about it is the heavy-duty volume 
control (the cheesy ones on the JT-30s tend to crap out).

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