My $.02 on the Mic/Amp/Pick-a-gadget thread.

I've got a Fender Vibrochamp which is a nice tuber.  The vibrato/tremolo is
great for a guitar, interesting but rarely used with harp.  It doesn't have
a reverb, which is kind of a problem.  So I shopped around for a while thinking
about getting a new amp (which I didn't want to do, this thing distorts so
nicely, I almost wish it did it less so sometimes if I play folk or bluegrass.)
Anyway I *almost* bought a digital reverb, and am damn glad that I stumbled on
an old Furman FV-1 analog spring-coil-based reverb unit.  It's real versatile
on fine tuning delay frequencies and times, and the 2 together (plus a
BluesBlaster mic) *I think* are great.  If you're thinking about adding an
outboard delay unit, I at least strongly strongly recommend you get an analog
unit.  It'll be worth the hunt!  It was also cheaper ($100 vs. $135) than the
digital reverb pedal.  Boogie on.

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