Re: mic&amp

>I bought the large size microphone wind shield at Radio
>Shack. The purist on the list blasted me telling me that it
>kills the fine tone. Well, if you want fine pure tone you are
>not using the Astatic and a tube amp. The pros turn down
>the Tone setting to 0 or 1. You want zero treble and all
>bass. Use the wind screen (it barely fits over the mic).
>You'll get a couple of notches more amplitude. I use a long
>cord and never get in front of or directly behind the Amp. 
 Don't sell yourself short. There is a world champion harmonica player in 
Toronto by the name of Carlos Del Junco and he uses a Radio Shack mic with 
analog tape echo and a fender bassman as his gig setup. This guy can blow 
the doors off most pro's I have heard. I am told that Carlos thinks that 
that mic has a real nice sound.
So there you go all you purists out there...|
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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