Re: Bass Harmonica

>I dug out my good ole' Hohner bass harp recently. It is a 2 octave model
>starting with a G to G tuning and of course the upper set of reeds has the
>sharps and flats. Any idea what these cost new today? What do they sell for
>used? What kind of wood was used to make it? The edges have nice natural wood

It sounds like you have an old single-reed model.  To tell for sure,
each comb will have only one reed plate and one cover plate.  The
underside of each comb will be veneered with a .75" metal plate nailed
to the wood.  Check out Judy Simpson-Smith's bass book which is available
through F&R Farrell.  As for price....well that model of bass is not made

George Miklas, bass harmonica
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

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