Bass Harmonica

I dug out my good ole' Hohner bass harp recently. It is a 2 octave model
starting with a G to G tuning and of course the upper set of reeds has the
sharps and flats. Any idea what these cost new today? What do they sell for
used? What kind of wood was used to make it? The edges have nice natural wood

I use to play tuba and trying to play this reminds me of it-you goota breathe
deep but very contolled from the diaphragm.

Any tips on what/how to practice and how to hold this hinged harp sandwich.
I picked out some melodies-Shenandoah, Cherry Pink, Xmas Carols although I
realize I should probably just get a bass guitar practice book. Any
suggestions for other melodies or practice books/techniques?

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