Re: Good Feedback.

At  1:05 PM 1/13/95 -0500, Norbert Brunhuber wrote:
>  With all this talk about avoiding feedback, has anyone tried to use
>feedback productively.  I mean, guitarists in rock and roll will get a
>nice smooth feedback from their Marshall amps that sounds great.  I can
>sometimes get this but it is totally under control.  And more often than
>not, the feedback is a piercing, sharp whistle rather than a smooth
>progressive sound.  (Check the ending to "I, Alone" by Live to get a
>perfect example of long, drawn out guitar feedback.)

When my quitar player goes in to Hendrix mode (once a month or so) I
retaliate by winding every knob on the delay pedal up to 10 and
intentionally inducing feedback.  I play a riff, it starts bouncing around
the delay, then cup the mike (block the element entirely) and wave it in
front of my amp, carefully uncupping to induce the feedback.

It sounds, um, interesting, and usually brings the guitar back to earth.
I've got to the point where I can induce non-ear-bleeding, low harmonics by
careful manipulation of the 'cup' (just lift one finger a little bit).


   -- hugh

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