Re: mic&amp

  I like feedback.  I can control it to make truly unholy sounds.
For the type of clubs I play, non-blues oriented clubs,  the feedback
really gets to the audience.  It pushes them over the edge.  There
are long periods where I'll simply shove my mic right in front of the
amp and let it moan righteously.  No, it's not traditional, but I like it
a lot.  My amp, my old amp that is, is a fifty watt spectra, solid state.
I've partially blown the speaker; it sounds quite nasty
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> I've been using a green bullet and  Crate Vintage Club 30 watt tube amp. The
> problem I am having is feedback when I jam. Any suggestions: new mic -
> Astatic JT 30 - Blues Blaster - Shaker (not amp...$$$)(I don't want to go
> right through the P.A., I want to use the amp for tone and as a moniter on
> stage). Any help would be very much appreciated.
> P.A.D.
Feedback occurs when the gain of a system is greater than ONE.
What this means is the loss in db from the speaker to the mic
should not be equal to the gain in db of the amp.  The bottom
line is move farther away from your amp or turn the gain on the
amp.  Keep in mind though if you are using a high Z (impedance)
mic you should not be using a cable greater than 15 ft. to
insure that you don't unknowningly rolloff the high end but,
thats another story.

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