Re: mic&amp

  Keep in mind though if you are using a high Z (impedance)
>mic you should not be using a cable greater than 15 ft. to 
>insure that you don't unknowningly rolloff the high end but,
>thats another story.

I know about the reasons for short hi-Z lines in theory, but in
general practice, I have had no trouble with long high impedance 
cords on stage.  I have had some mic cords made for my JT-30
that were 50'.  If there is a rolloff in the high end, I have unconciously
fixed it at the amp by turning up the treble.  I have never had trouble
getting the tone I wanted because of a long cord.  I would be more
concerned about noise in long cords if they were cheap.  I use at a min
Belden GA-1 (I thnk this is wire designation), make sure the cable
maker is using good connectros on the cables too.  Amphenol or
Switchcraft for the screw down two conductor connector on the mic and
Neutrik or Switchcraft on the 1/4" plug.  You'll be glad you bought good 
cords in the long run (pardon the pun).  Remember Albert Collins used 100'
cords on his guitar and I don't think he was losing any high end :-).  Taking 
walks is kind of hot-dogging, but the crowd always loves it and you're getting
paid to entertain the audience.  You make the call.

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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