Re: Greetings from Belgium

On Fri, 13 Jan 1995, Kris Bries wrote:

> 		are some questions !!!
> 		1) I'm playing with a Bluesblaster (Hohner) connected through
> 		an equalizer pedal (BOSS) to a Fender Vibroverb 50W (Re-issue)
> 		On the equalizer I put the low tones a lot higher than 
> 		the high tones to get more "boost".  I wander if some of you
> 		would have some suggestions for improving my sound.
> 		Is my amplifier suited for playing blues harp?
> 		Should I buy some additional equipment to get more distortion
> 		(or should I take one of the tubes out of the amp., like they
> 		 used to do in the old days)?

    I used to have one of these amps and miss it dearly. Looks cool, 
sounds great. The only knock I have on it is that is uses a solid-state 
rectifier, which wasn't the case with the original and which makes the 
amp sound less "spongy." Nonetheless, with that 2X10 speaker combination, 
it's a great amp.
    I don't know for sure, but I'd guess that a amp that uses two 6L6 
tubes, like yours, won't even work if you pull an output tube. I've heard 
of people pulling *pairs* of tubes out of 100-watt amps that use *four* 
6L6 tubes, but never of anyone doing what you're thinking about doing. 
I'd advise against it.
    I always got great tone by using the bright channel (you have to in 
order to get the reverb), setting the volume to about 4, putting the bass 
at 6 or so and the treble to 2-3 or even less. Then I'd crank up the 
volume control on my mic until the amp barely fed back, and then I'd back 
up on it just a bit.
    I've gone on to use a reissue Bassman now (somebody traded me 
straight up for the Vibroverb), but the V-verb is much better suited for 
smaller clubs. The Bassman's way too loud - in fact, I've disconnected 
two Bassman speakers and have left my amp that way for months.

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