Re: mic&amp

On Fri, 13 Jan 1995 KPGraham@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Get a digital delay box and use that to add some echo and a cut
> the high end more and you can get a fat Big Walter sound.

 Digital delays do nothing to cut the high end of a harp. They accurately 
repeat the signal if they're working properly. Now, *analog* delays often 
roll off the high end, but they're hard to find.
 A pedal I recommend and use: A Boss digital reverb and delay pedal. It 
costs only $10 more than a delay and offers a broad texture of reverbs. I 
use the "plate reverb" setting myself - it's very similar to a tight 
slapback echo. I prefer reverbs to delays.
 I also have a Univox tape delay, which sounds cool and which can be 
bought for about $100 used. It's out of service right now because the 
tape broke and I haven't found a replacement cartridge. I've got to get 
off the dime on that :)

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