Re: mic&amp

On Thu, 12 Jan 1995 HarpPro@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I've been using a green bullet and  Crate Vintage Club 30 watt tube amp. The
> problem I am having is feedback when I jam. Any suggestions: new mic -
> Astatic JT 30 - Blues Blaster - Shaker (not amp...$$$)(I don't want to go
> right through the P.A., I want to use the amp for tone and as a moniter on
> stage). Any help would be very much appreciated.
> P.A.D.

 Several suggestions:
 1. Get an Astatic or Shaker or Hohner Blues blaster mic with a volume 
control on it. This gives you much more precise volume and feedback 
control, but none of these mics sounds like a Green Bullet.

 2. Buy a graphic equalizer. Even a little six-channel equalizer stomp 
box works OK - particularly since it usually has an output control on it. 
The more channels, though, the better.

 3. Buy a volume pedal and plug it between your mic and the amp.

 4. Move your amp around. Don't stand directly in front of it on stage.

 5. Make sure your pre-amp tubes are good. They're often microphonic and 
will contribute to feedback. Turn on your amp and tap the point of each 
pre-amp tube with your finger. If the sound is amplified through the amp, 
the tube's microphonic and should be replaced.


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