>>      QUESTION FOR Mike Curtis (re your post yesterday) and other harpers:  
>>      Can you share a bit more about your experience with the octave 
>>      divider?  why do you use it?  

Jerry Murad once used an octave divider to record bass lines.  It was
in the mid-80's when Jerry recorded his Add-A-Part series.  Since he was
not willing to pay for Dick Gardner's travel to Detroit, Dick would not
make the recording.  As a result, Jerry went into the studio and played
all the melodies with Al Fiore on chord harmonica, then over-dubbed the
bass lines using a 280 chromatic and an octave divider.  The sound is
fairly consistent throughout, and with only minimal comprimise sounds
like the bass harmonica.

George Miklas, bass harmonica
Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

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