Re: mic&amp

> problem I am having is feedback when I jam.

I bought the large size microphone wind shield at Radio
Shack. The purist on the list blasted me telling me that it
kills the fine tone. Well, if you want fine pure tone you are
not using the Astatic and a tube amp. The pros turn down
the Tone setting to 0 or 1. You want zero treble and all
bass. Use the wind screen (it barely fits over the mic).
You'll get a couple of notches more amplitude. I use a long
cord and never get in front of or directly behind the Amp. 

Get a digital delay box and use that to add some echo and a cut
the high end more and you can get a fat Big Walter sound.
You have to fiddle with the digital delay. You don't want to
loose the gritty harp and amp sound, just beef up the 
sound so you can be heard over the Guitar players. I
put tape on the knobs when I got the sound I wanted so
that I don't have to fiddle with it again. The digital delay 
seems to help a little on the feed back by making
a better match on the impedance (so I am told). The box
and shield also get rid of some of the harp noise like breathing 
and harp against teeth and harp against mic.


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