Lee Oskar + Golden Melody = ???

Re: Lee Oskars and Overblow squeaks.  

Sorry, Barry, I do not have a magic formula for getting the Lee Oskar
set up for the overblow without squeaks.   But I'm very interested in the
solution as mentioned before.  Since I learned it's the closing reed that
causes the squeak, I've been thinking about ways to determine the mode of
vibration and how to damp that mode without damping the fundamental for the
normal blow note.  Yeah I know, I'm a glutton for obscure subjects.
By the way, I meant to say that slow response is caused by not enough reed
offset.  Sorry if I was not clear on this.

I play Golden Melody because:  

    I like the feel in my hands.
    The combs and covers are very airtight which offers wide dynamic range. 
    The overblow/overdraw works, although sometimes I don't.
    They remind me of my Grandma's toaster.
    Howard Levy says they work for him.
I would like the Golden Melody better if:
    It had a stainless steel cover like Lee Oskar.
    It had a "Lee Oskar" style mouthpiece.  (No brass edges to have to polish)
    It was put together like a Lee Oskar. Quality, fit, tolerances.
    It it had "Lee Oskar" stamped on the covers.

So, you can see, I really don't want much.  Just a Lee Oskar curved back
harmonica that overblows sweetly.  Maybe next Christmas :-)

nuffsed  dick....  


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