Greetings from Belgium

Hello to you all,

		My name is Kris Bries from Bluesin' Belgium
		and I'm really excited of finally having found
		a communication channel with other harp players.
		As our Blues Harp scene is not that big,it's not
		so easy to get some information.(and I don't have the
		courage to ask Toots Thielemans for some info)
		I'm playing in a R&B band and we're mixing 
		songs from the old masters (Little Walter & Sonny Boy)
		with songs from Rod Piazza , Paul Lamb & King Snakes (UK)
		and other.....I'm only playing diatonic harp for two years
		so I still have a long way to go.  So most of my articles
		will contain questions, in stead of advice.  Well here
		are some questions !!!
		1) I'm playing with a Bluesblaster (Hohner) connected through
		an equalizer pedal (BOSS) to a Fender Vibroverb 50W (Re-issue)
		On the equalizer I put the low tones a lot higher than 
		the high tones to get more "boost".  I wander if some of you
		would have some suggestions for improving my sound.
		Is my amplifier suited for playing blues harp?
		Should I buy some additional equipment to get more distortion
		(or should I take one of the tubes out of the amp., like they
		 used to do in the old days)?
		2) Can I have some suggestions about learning blues songs
		   How do you learn your songs?
		   "You got to help me...I can't do it all by myself..."
		   					Thks in advance
		   					Kris Bries

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