Re: mic&amp

> I've been using a green bullet and  Crate Vintage Club 30 watt tube amp. The
> problem I am having is feedback when I jam. Any suggestions: new mic -
> Astatic JT 30 - Blues Blaster - Shaker (not amp...$$$)(I don't want to go
> right through the P.A., I want to use the amp for tone and as a moniter on
> stage). Any help would be very much appreciated.

The Green Bullet has a lot of midrange, and tends to feed back a lot.  
I've found that a JT30 has a lot more highs, and basically sounds 
"pre-distorted" when you tightly hand cup it, and feeds back less than my 

I have a feeling you're like me - you like a crunching-dirty overdriven 
sound.  Unfortunately, the very thing that gives you that sound 
(overdrive and limiting) also contributes to feedback.

I use a silver face Fender Champ (6 watts), and have built a very simple 
"direct" box (100k 1/2 watt resistor from the speaker to the top of a 
100k linear taper pot, and the wiper to a 1/4" jack) and run it through 
the PA.  Because the PA speakers are further from me than the harp amp, I 
can crank it louder with less feedback.

Another hint: get your guitar player(s) to set guitar amp(s) on a chair 
or other platform.  Have them point the speakers toward their head.  Even 
the loudest guitarist can be made to reduce volume using this method :-)  
(I know - I also play guitar :-)

-- mike curtis

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