Hendrik Meurkens

Such a relief to finally have some of these mega-book-record stores opening
around here.  Finally real music and not that mall/rock shop BS (No offense

My latest find was Hendrik Meurkens' "A View From Manhattan " CD  Great
recording.  very impressive is his playing on Moment's Notice .  Straight
ahead Hard Bop, good to hear it in a harmonica player.  I've been a fan
of Dick Oatts for years and it was good to hear his playing as well.  The
rhythm section takes no prisoners w/ Carl Allen on anchor.  this one
fits nicely into my collection.

My apologies if this was recently discussed (on holiday for the last 2 wks)
Are his other recordings equally impressive?  (Or may others think different
I'd be interested in your opinions either way.

Greg McCrea

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