Gary Primich and Robt Bonfiglio

<From Bob Williams at SPAH:

I noticed Gary Primich's name come up a couple times yesterday and thought I
through the following into the pot.  It's from a letter SPAH recently
received from Robert Bonfiglio.

"After playing the Villa-Lobos Harmonica Concerto with the
symphony in Alexandria Louisiana, the conductor and several
members of the orchestra took me down to the local blues club
where Gary Primich was playing.  He was a bit surprised to see
me showing up in white tie and tails, but cordially invited me up
to blow some blues with him.  After some wonderful two
harmonica blues duets, we got a standing ovation.  Most of this
was due to Gary's great playing; he has fine phrasing and great
tone!  We exchanged CD's and harmonica stories.  He's as nice
personally as his playing."

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