Toots Video Tape

     Since posting a couple weeks ago about seeing Toots and Brazil Project 
     on cable TV here in Manila, I've been trying to track down more info.  
     Last night I finally met the head of the local channel that ran this 
     concert.  Here are some further details:  Jazz Vitoria Gastiez is a 
     major jazz festival in Spain, one of three annual festivals there.  
     Vitoria, a town northwest of Madrid, is the host to perhaps the best 
     of the three.  The Toots video was recorded during this festival 
     (don't know which year yet).  Jazz Vitoria annually makes a video 
     series for later broadcast.  The Spanish government and its national 
     television arm has an interest in this series.  The Spanish channel 
     here in Manila is sponsored by the Spanish government and the Toots 
     video was one of the programs it sent out here for broadcast.  No word 
     yet if it will be rebroadcast.

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