Re: Squeaks and Dave Mathews Band?

What Dick Andersen said about the squeak on the low bend of a number 3 
draw note is true as far as it goes.  Is it possible to get a clean over 
draw on a Lee Oskar?  Not in my experience and not in Joe Filisko's.  I 
don't presuppose to know what Mr. Andersen plays.  Perhaps he too uses 
Lee Oskar harmonicas and has successfully adjusted them for overdraws 
and blows.  In my earlier post on the harmonic oscillation problem I 
suggested gapping the draw reed offset higher.  This too would work but 
at the sacrifice of the over draw tone.  If I were trying to play 
overblows and incorporate them into my playing I'd buy some Hohner 
harmonicas just for that purpose. If I were really into it I'd buy the 
Filisko Marine Band mod and tell him to set the harp up for 
overdraws/bends.  I only have one Filisko harmonica.  I bought it after 
about 3 years of tuning and adjusting harmonicas on my own.  My reason 
for buying it was not so much to play it, but rather to play it and take 
it apart and look at it and see how he did it. If I had bought this 
harmonica 3 years ago I would have learned nothing.  The adjustments he 
makes are subtle.  A bunch of little stuff that adds up to a big 
difference.  BTW I did the same exact thing.  I heard a band on the radio 
figured it was John Popper playing something I hadn't heard and was 
surprised to learn it was Dave Matthews.  FJM 

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