Re: HARP-L Digest V94 #286

>I owe it all to you folks, you have my thanks and warmest regards.  Happy
>New Year!
>Rod T.
>Rod Thomas                              email:   skt2@xxxxxxx
>Illustrator                               phone:  (617) 449-0480

Well welcome to the list Rod. I have only been here for a short while, but I 
as you, have been overwhelmed by the information. I get so much enjoyment 
out of this. It feels like I am reading a specialized harp magazine but I 
get to input my ideas ! Wow!!
By the way, I see that you are an illustrator...ever give any thought to 
designing a real cool harp-l logo? We would all really be forever thankful...
Not that what has been done is not good, but to have the chance to convince 
a professional illustrator to do it...well why not !! Just a joke, but if 
you have the inclination, by all means.
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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