answers to icepick

In response to icepick's questions about SPAH convention:
SPAH held this year's convention in July in order to match with the dates of
the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival.  Yes, we usually hold it over Labor
Day Weekend.  That date has become a tradition because most families get
their summer vacations out of the way earlier in the summer, so this usually
doesn't conflict with their other plans.  And second, and more important,
this week, just prior to Labor Day, is one of the best times for getting a
great rate for the hotel contract room rate.  We usually get rooms for around
$55-65 per night compared to $80-120 at other times of the year.  Over a five
night stay that can mean as much as $300 savings per family and a total of
$60,000 savings for the whole membership combined.  We know it's a busy
weekend for musicians but can't resist the savings we get using those dates.
 It can and does change if we find a nice hotel at the right price.

Is SPAH connected with NHL (National Harmonica League)?
We are not affiliated but have many members in common.  SPAH's  other Vice
President and International Ambassidor, Norm Dobson, is also the Vice
President and U.S. coordinator for the NHL.  The NHL is based in England and
can be reached by writing to Norm at  63 Washington, Peabody, MA 01960.

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