Re: wood in a tropical climate

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995, B.G.deBoer wrote:

> Having read the discussion about wood versus plastic, I tried to remember why I
> switched from wood to plastic. I did that after I had been on a holiday to India
> and Nepal in the rainy season and both of the wood combed harps I had with me
> had become mouldy. From then on I only have used plastic harps.
> Are there any other peole out there that use plastic combed harps for this
> reason?
> Bart de Boer.
I've come to the realization that I become allergic to my own wooden 
harps after a while, no matter how hard I try to keep them clean. 

BTW has anyone else noticed the righteous overblows that Alan Wilson does 
on the demo version of Canned Heat's "On the Road Again" recently 
released on the 2-CD retrospective "Uncanned! The Best of Canned Heat?
Alan does a short overblow on the single version released in January of 
1968. Does this make him the first Top 40 overblow artist?

Dan Day

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