Re: Deputy Dawg

>The folks on this list amaze me with their knowledge of harp lore. Here's a
>question that drifts in and out of my mind every once in a while. Who is
>playing what kind of harp in the Theme somg to the Deputy Dawg Series that
>used to be on T.V. and is now available on video tape? I would love to add
>that song to my play list but my 64 doesn't have all the low notes I here in
>the original.
I would do one better on this request. I don'T know about you guys, but I 
seem to hear more and more harp in TV jingles, TV shows etc. What if we all 
send in the names of the harp players we know are involved in commercials 
and TV jingles and compile a list. For instance, I have always been curious 
to find out who does the harp on the Roseanne show? Sounds pretty good, but 
the credits roll out so fast I can never make it out.
Thoughts anyone?
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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