Re: Pete Pedersen

>Yes Icepick, Pete Pedersen (this is the correct spelling) is alive and well
>and living in the heart of blues country, Memphis, TN.  Pete moved directly
>to Memphis from Toronto and did not stop in Switzerland or collect $200.  He
>is, as you said, one of the top chromatic jazz players around.
> SPAH is
>proud to have Mr. Pedersen as one of its long time honorary members and is
>pleased to see him in attendance at almost every annual convention.  You can
>write to Pete at 1866 Court Ave., Memphis, TN  38104, or you can plan on
>coming to the 32nd Annual SPAH convention in Detroit, Aug. 29-Sept. 2, he'll
>probably be there as usual.  
>Bob Williams, SPAH v.p.

  Bob, thanks for the reply. I will pass this info on to my friend. BTW, 
just a quick question about the SPAH convention. Any particular reason why 
it is during Labour day? Was it not held earlier last year?
I would love to drive down this year, but the labour day week-end is a big 
family thing here.
Perhaps I can convince my wife and kids to go to Detroit!!
As for SPAH, is it related to the NHL? Does the NHL still exist? 
What are the advantages of being a member of SPAH?
If this has been done before, perhaps you can refer me to a FAQ on SPAH or 
you can email me directly so as not to bother the Harp-l ers with the details.
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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