Re: Pete Pedersen

>Pete Pedersen lives in Memphis and is a very active SPAH member. Pete was
>instrumental in creating the Memphis SPAH convention last summer and has had
>a major influence on countless harmonica players.  
Thanks for the  info, I will pass this on to my buddy.

>Also, thanks for the feedback on my overtone situation, Christian. As so
>often seems to be case with harmonica, a problem can open the way to whole
>new areas of discovery. 
Well Bob, not that I am an expert on this, but I did come across the same 
situation and that's what was explained to me. I guess you should consult 
Howard Levy's video. Although I have not seen it, I guess that it deals with 
Overbends and Overblows exclusively and they are really well explained right 
down to an ultrasound video of Howard's throat when he is doing it!
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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