Harmonica Calendar

This calendar compiled and maintained by 
The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica.

Jan 14-15            Robert Bonfiglio with the Wichita Symphony.
Jan 20-21            Simpson Smith Seminar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Jan 22               The Hotshots perform, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
Jan 21               Madcat & Kane, Grand River Folk Life Society, 
                      Grand Rapids, MI.
Jan 25               Robert Bonfiglio with Richmond Symphony.
Jan 31               Harmonica Compositions due to 
                      Deutscher Harmonika-Verband. 
Feb 2                Robert Bonfiglio at Little Orchestral Society,
                      Lincoln Center, NY.
Feb 5                Robert Bonfiglio at Sun City Symphony Pops Concert.
Feb 11               Madcat & Kane, Cooper Cafe, Cooper, MI.
Feb 12-18            Robert Bonfiglio with North Holland Symphony.
Mar 4,5,7            Robert Bonfiglio with Winston Salem Symphony.
Mar 12-13            Robert Bonfiglio with Utah Symphony.
Mar 17-18            Robert Bonfiglio at the Charlotte Symphony Pops Concert.
Apr 1                Robert Bonfiglio at Morristown Unitarian Fellowship.
Apr 2-6              Simpson Smith Seminar, Akron, Ohio. 
Apr 6-8              Buckeye Harmonica Festival, Columbus, OH. 
Apr 8                Robert Bonfiglio with Alexandria Symphony.
*May 20              Madcat & Kane, Hartland Arts Council, Hartland, MI.
June 4-11            Santa Clara Valley H.C. cruise.  
Aug 29-Sept 2        SPAH '95 Convention in Detroit, MI. 
Oct 10-13            International Harmonica Competition in Yokohama, Japan. 
Nov 4-5              Robert Bonfiglio in South Bend.

Feb 16-17            Robert Bonfiglio with the Hong Kong Philharmonic.
Mar 29-30            Robert Bonfiglio with the N. Arkansas Symphony.
Apr 13-14            Robert Bonfiglio with the Des Moines Symphony.
Aug 27-31            SPAH '96 Convention in St. Louis, MO. 

If you know of professional harmonica events open to the 
public to be added to our calendar, please send the 
information to HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx 

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