Misc. 64x, Pete

    Welcome to Bob Williams, SPAH VP to the HARP-L list!!!!!
    Re: Noisy 64x slide
    	I have the same problem - seems to be fairly common with this model.
    	When you polish this is it a manual job or is it safe to do on a 
    machine? Considering how easy these parts bend.
    	Also, seems a light coating of Conn's Formula 3, (or any good, clear, 
    tasteless slide oil) would be worthwhile after all that polishing.
    Re: Pete Pedersen (Genius)
    	I have to reiterate this tale to illustrate just one example of this 
    guy's incredible talent. Buckeye Harmonica Festival 1992. That year we had 
    a competition. A "Winners Concert" was scheduled as the Saturday night 
    feature. Three first place acts were unable to perform due to illness or 
    other various reasons. We called on the judges (who were all pros, one 
    being Pete Pedersen). They all agreed to perform, but some were shaky 
    about playing without music. [Now this is after dinner on Saturday - 
    showtime is less than two hours away] - Pete got together with some of the 
    Judges in a back room and hammered out 3 arrangements in 20 minutes. This 
    was the foundation of what turned out to be a memorable show which - along 
    with the talent and cooperation of Don Les, Danny Wilson, Al Smith, Judy 
    Simpson, and Larry Stutz - saved the day!
    Re: From BassHarp
    >As I have previously stated, if you do not want to pass up the chance to 
    >meet many of these people you read and hear about on the net, DO NOT miss 
    >the SPAH conventions.  That is where you will meet, make friends, hear, 
    >and enjoy getting to know harp players of all levels, and find out that 
    >there are hundreds just like yourself who hunger for more harmonica, and 
    >resist going to bed (that just seems like a waste of valuable time, 
    >ENOUGH ! !  Aug 29 to Sep 2, 1995.
    Ditto!!! Not to mention all kinds of seminars, including repair, and lots 
    of neat stuff in the SPAH store, and vendor tables. Clink! that's another 
    quarter hitting my SPAH jar.  ;-)
    Re: Pete Pedersen recordings
    Cassette - Pete & Jim "Music and Memories". Jim Watkins on keyboard. Old 
    Devil Moon, C'est Si Bon, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Dream A Little Dream, 
    Rockey Top, Harlem Nocturne, Midnight Sun, The Gentle Rain, Canadian 
    Sunset, Secret Love.
    Cassette - "Pictures of a Woman" 1991 World Harmonica Championsships test 
    piece with charts. Played by Pete. Also a demo tune of "An American In 
    Paris" - no charts. 
    Used to be available from Farrell - if not, try Pete's address posted 
    Re: From Chris Michalek
    >And...  does anyone have any Toots Hard Bopper plates they want to get 
    >rid of?
    Chris, What's with the THB plates? Do they fit another harmonica, like a 
    270? I understand the reed plates are thicker and the reeds are longer.
    Are they superior to the 270 plates? Just curious - I have a Toot's Hard 
    Bopper on a Farrell Life Time Comb coming RSN - can't wait to try it.
         Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --Internet--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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