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On Fri, 6 Jan 1995 Ri58066217@xxxxxxx wrote:

> That silicone sealer between the reed plate and the comb sounds like a good
> idea.  I will try it on some of my harmonicas that leak a bit of air.  Now,
> what is the brand of silicone sealer I should buy?

Brand doesn't matter,  I usually just buy the cheapest I can find.  One 
little for you people who are going to try to "seal" your harps.  Before 
you lay down the silicon, first put some mineral oil or something on the 
plate first.  This will make it easier to scrape the silicon off if you 
need to fix it in the future.

Also, over the weekend Joe Filisko and myself engaged in a discussion 
over the use of silicon.  Does it actually work?  Joe has his doubts, but 
I belive they do indeed make the harp much louder and effecient.  But joe 
is more concerned about the time that he puts into sealing up a harp, he 
believes that the benifits do not outweigh the work involved.  SO I must 
say, experiment and see for yourself.

And...  does anyone have any Toots Hard Bopper plates they want to get 
rid of?

-Chris Michalek

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