I know there will be umpteen dozen replies to this one, but I thought I would
jump in there with what I know about Pete, in answer to Icepick's query.

Pete Pedersen is of course covered at length in Kim Field's book, but
specifically in response to the questions raised:  Pete is/was based in
Memphis with his music production company, and a number of years ago decided
to move to Toronto to work with his company there.  While there, he became
very well-known among the jazz community as the leading jazz chromatic
harmonicist in the area.  His company produced a three albums, in which he
played a scattering of harmonica, during the disco period.  Known as Three
Hats Productions, or THP, the first album was titled "Two Hot For Love!", and
the 2nd was "Tender Is The Night", by the THP Orchestra, both arranged,
conducted and orchestrated by Pete.  Both of these were on the Butterfly
label (FLY-005 and FLY-014, respectively.)  The 3rd album, also arr, cond and
orch by Pete, was a vocal disco album by the Duncan Sisters, Phyllis & Helen,
titled simply, "Duncan Sisters", on the EarMarc label (EMLP-4001).  These
albums were released in 1978 & 1979.  Pete also played a track on this album.

Pete's production company, Peter Buck Pruductions, is responsible for many of
the familiar TV commercials, radio station call letter and break jingles and
ads, etc.  But Pete is better known in the harmonica community as the primary
arranger for Jerry Murad's Harmonicats, including the famous "Peg", and has
appeared with the act numerous times on special occasions over the years, and
has played on many of the "Cats' albums, most prominently on their classical
album, Harmonica Rhapsody.  He was a leader of the Borrah Minevitch Harmonica
Rascals, played in various trios, appearing on the Ed Sullivan, Johnny
Carson, Milton Berle and many other shows over the years.  He wrote the
Competition Test Piece, "Pictures Of A Woman", for the 1991 International
Harmonica Competition in Detroit.  In 1992 he hosted a large harmonica
convention in Memphis, and this past July co-hosted (with SPAH) the Annual
SPAH Convention in Memphis, that was referred to many times on the net.  He
is also featured on the Hohner 1984 album, Heavy Duty Harpin', playing "An
American In Paris".  This was also the subject of a recent net posting.  In
addition to all that, Pete is a stand-up comic and MC of unmatched talent.

Regarding his "move" to Switzerland - that was merely a visit to Mr Walt
Miller, inventor and manufacturer of the Millioniser 2000, the harmonica midi
synth.  Pete is a master of that instrument as well, and has demo-ed it for
Walt in Europe as well as the U.S.

Obviously, Pete is no longer living in Toronto, having left there in the
early 80's to move back to Memphis, where he has lived ever since.

As I have previously stated, if you do not want to pass up the chance to meet
many of these people you read and hear about on the net, DO NOT miss the SPAH
conventions.  That is where you will meet, make friends, hear, and enjoy
getting to know harp players of all levels, and find out that there are
hundreds just like yourself who hunger for more harmonica, and resist going
to bed (that just seems like a waste of valuable time, anyway).  FIVE DAYS
2, 1995.

See you there - make your plans.    -   BassHarp 

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