Re: Pete Peterson

>Pete grew up in Chicago and as a teenager was in a band called the 
Harmonica Madcaps with, among others, Jerry Murad and Al Fiore, who went on 
to form the
>Harmonicats. Pete spent eight years in Borrah Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals,
Kim, thanks again for contributing your knowledge and research to the list. 
I will pass on this information to my friend.
BTW he also speaks highly of Kim Wilson. I remember seeing his name on the 
list, do you know if he participates or if he was just mentioned.
Jerry (my friend) used to play harp in an Ottawa band and apparently had one 
heck of a two or three day jam with Kim Wilson back in the early 1980's.
There were a number of musicians in this jam including Kim Wilson, Koko 
Taylor and her band, Jimmy Vaughan and the Thunderbirds as well as a couple 
of others.
IF you have Kim Wilson's Email address, I would like to pass on Jerry's 
regards  to Kim on his behalf.
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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