Re: Pat Ramsey

I played a set at the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival last July
while I was down there for the SPAH convention (I had Joe Filisko backing
me up on guitar that afternoon) and Pat Ramsey came up and introduced
himself to me afterwards.

As I recall, he said that he was living in the Memphis area. He said that
he hadn't been playing much music for the past few years but was sort of
putting his life back together and was just beginning to play again. He
didn't say anything about having a band together; the impression I got 
was that he was starting to get out and play with people again. A real
nice guy. He had come into town to see some of the Festival and was
quite surprised to find out that Memphis was crawling with harmonica 
players because of the SPAH convention. He said it was really helping
to inspire him to get back at it.

--Kim Field

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