RE: I never hear Lee Oskar...

>On the major diatonic 3-hole draw, if I play long sustained notes bent down
>in distinctive half-steps to the last half-step above the blow note, I get a
>shrill overtone that sounds to my ear like 2 octaves above the fundamental
>Example: on a 3-hole draw with an F harp... the notes E, Eb, and D all sound
>purely, then when I play the Db... I get the overtone.
>Is it...
>A)   my mouth is weird 
>B)   others have also experienced a similar problem? 
>C)   both of the above 
 Bob I think that you just discovered Howard Levy's infamous OverBends! You 
can get the same kind of shrill harmonic note on the 6 blow and a couple of 
others. It is weird at first especially when you don't know what is 
happening. The first time I hit an overblow I thought I blew a reed.
To get it you do as if you were going to blow bend, but the tongue creates a 
very thin passage of air at the back of the throat and it just pops at you.
Someone correct me if I am wrong on this one.
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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