Re: Starting a club

>Here are some suggestions about starting a club. 
>players.  So we heavily canvassed the area.  For our first three or four
>meetings we had programs that we felt would appeal to all--on equipment, the
>chromatic, etc.--and after each meeting had and continue to have workshops for
>players of all abilities.  We tried a number of locations, including a club 
>had a jam after our meeting, and have finally settled on the small rehearsal
>hall of a community college--this is a tremendous location with great acoustics
>and a small amount of theatre seating.
Sounds excellent. I will make sure to include all of these as agenda items 
for our first meeting. ( if and when the club gets going)

>  We have also included a guitar player at
>our meetings, necessary to help make the music move along, and also to make
>beginners feel more comfortable about getting in front of the group.  Our
>membership has stabilized at about 40, but we continue to mail messages to
>everyone we know of who plays, telling them about the meetings, programs, 
>HOOT would be happy to help anyone trying to start a club.

Thanks for the offer of help Tom. I will post as things happen and hope for 
input from experienced club organizers such as yourself.
On another, note, I left a message for you on mic modifications a week or so 
ago. I am wondering if you had any input on it. It had to do with the mods 
made by Kevin's harps on JT-30's to turn them into Crystal Balls Mics. Can 
you enlighten me as to the differences in these mics? Any idea what is done 
to them?
Thanks again
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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