RE: Lee Oskar...etc

If the reed starts higher up i.e. more offset it has to travel further 
before it chokes.  This takes more energy.  More breath before the reed 
chokes.  There's a balance betweeen too much offset and too little and 
it's different for different players.  All of this of course applies to 
Hohners as well as Huangs and Lee Oskars and Suzukis.  Theres a very good 
article in HIP #(?) concerning the mechanics of overblowing and 
adjustment for overblows.  It's tangential to this discussion and I 
reccommend reading it if you can get your hands on it.  Steve Baker's 
excellent book The Harp Handbook also contains useful pertinent 
information on this subject.  The book that comes with the Lee Oskar 
adjusting tool kit is also useful although somewhat oblique in its 
conclusions.  Golly it's amazing what coffee does for my level of 
articulation.  My first post was done without the benefits of its 
presence.  FJM

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