RE: Jack's "Stradivarius", things that go "boing"

Harv <haandruss@xxxxxxx> wrote...

Jack>>wouldn't sell mine for $500. Hmmmn, maybe that's why I liked the first 
Jack>>Hering 64's (copy of the old Hohner 280) so much.

Harv>Hohner has an "Amadeus" that Farrell lists.  It goes for about the same or
Harv>a bit more if I'm not mistaken :-)   I think it has a clear plastic comb
Harv>(could be wrong)

The Amadeus lists for $995. The comb is clear Plexiglas according to Hohner 
literature. It's a beautiful instrument. I had a chance to blow a couple notes 
on a demo model Farrell had at SPAH a couple years ago, I was afraid to play 
very much on it, but as I recall it had a nice feel and good response. Even at 
Farrell's more than 40% off list it is still a lot of money ($560) for a 12 
holer IMHO - it would have made a lot of sense to me if they had built it on a 
14 hole set up (Meisterklas tuning) - if they had, I would probably own one by 
now. Hohner came up with what I've heard a lot of players say is the ideal 
chromatic set-up in the 14 hole Meisterklas and then they quit making it? Did 
Hohner hire some former Commodore marketing people?

Anyone out there ever have a chance to compare an Amadeus with a Silver 
Concerto? $1000 vs. $4500 - just curious.

       Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --Internet--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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